Winning Tuna


30th Annual Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Billfish Tournament, August 10 and 11, 2019

Alice Kelly 2019 Top Teams

1stBangarang, Spencer Yachts 87Paul Spencer3 fish / 450 pointstrophy
2ndSandra D,, Hudson 58Mike Merritt3 fish / 350 pointstrophy
3rdTriple 'S',, Viking 60Todd Smith3 fish / 350 pointstrophy
4thHammer Time, Spencer Yachts 54Austin Euban2 fish / 300 pointstrophy
5thTrophy Hunter, Buddy Cannady 55Ken Brown2 fish / 250 pointstrophy

Top Dolphin

Smoker, Irvin Forbes 58Capt. Brynner ParksKatie Lowe45.20 lbs.trophy

Top Tuna

Reel Freedom, Ocean SS 52Capt. Mike HundleyHarley Meacham52.70 lbs.trophy

Top Wahoo

Marlin Gull, Buddy Cannady 55Capt. Kenny MidgettAustin B Tripp38.40 lbs.trophy

Dolphin Jackpot

Smoker, Irvin Forbes 58Capt. Brynner ParksKatie Lowe45.20 lbs.$31,025.00

Paula Stansky Award For Angling Excellence

Jesus Freak, Blackwell 48Capt. David WalkerCaroline Walker1 fish / 0.0 pointsTrophy



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