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Please welcome Capt. Dave Lear who will be covering the event and posting photos each day. Capt. Dave Lear has been covering big-game fishing for more than two decades, first as the editor of Marlin magazine and later as an award-winning freelance writer and tournament correspondent. The former executive director of The Billfish Foundation was also the 51st angler to gain membership in the IGFA’s exclusive Royal Billfish Slam Club by catching and releasing all nine species of billfish. Learn more about Dave at www.captaindavelear.com.

Keep in mind that official scores will not be posted until after 9PM each day. ALL APPS, REAL TIME SCORING, TWITTER INFORMATION AND WEB CAM WEIGH INS ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT VALUE ONLY! We are welcoming back Tournament Control to score our event and as the rules state teams won’t actually earn points until they turn their scorecard in (on time) and it is accepted by tournament staff.

Pirate's Cove Billfish Tournament News

Score Blue

In what has shaped up to be a predominately sailfish tournament this week, blue marlin made the difference in the 40th annual Pirate’s Cove Billfish Tournament. White marlin are typically the most common catch this time of year, but a steady diet of Atlantic sailfish kept the leaderboard flipping faster than pancakes on a Waffle […]

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Hump Day

In most normal work weeks Wednesday is considered “Hump Day” or over the halfway point to the anticipated weekend. But Tournament Week at the Pirate’s Cove Marina isn’t exactly normal and since the bulk of the fleet stayed ashore on Tuesday, Thursday is this year’s new hump threshold. It didn’t disappoint, as it’s now shaping […]

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Summer Sails Event

The sailfish are flying off the shelves faster than composition books and pencils on a back-to-school checklist. August is typically called the dog days of summer due to the oppressive heat, but if this pace keeps up, the teams fishing the 40th annual PCBT might rename it the Summer Sails Event. A total of 207 […]

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A Different Look

It’s been a day of bait rigging, boat maintenance and libations around the Pirate’s Cove Marina. With strong seas offshore, 86 boats chose to take a mandatory Lay Day on Tuesday. That means the bulk of the fleet (all but two) will be going hard the next three days. There is a new wrinkle to […]

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Hot Wheels

Blue and white marlin, along with sailfish, are classified as pelagic species because they spend the majority of their time in open ocean waters near the surface. They also have powerful tails and fins, so they don’t hang around in any one location for very long. Which leads to the dilemma for the teams competing […]

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