COVID-19 Update

July 27, 2020

Dear Pirate’s Cove Billfish Tournament Participant,

Recently I promised an update on how the PCBT will be coping with the restrictions on gatherings during the pandemic. I know that we are all tired of the changes to our lifestyle that have come with the covid outbreak and I truly appreciate the good attitude, thus far, toward the adjustments we must make at Pirate’s Cove.

Our Board of Directors has made every effort to create a preparation plan that would allow our teams (families) to enjoy dinners together at our pavilion but in the end PCBT will need to abide by the Mass Gathering Restrictions recently kept in place by our Governor. Rest assured we will do our best to deliver the service and fun that is unique to Tournament Week.

I will be contacting each team with guidelines and for that I would ask that you go ahead and jump on our website and preregister. Keep in mind that you need not pay your entry fees at this time but if you do not pay at least category one before August 1 there is a late fee. Pre registering both the boat and your anglers will assist us tremendously with preparations and get you through the on site registration rather quickly.

We will be providing face coverings and an avenue to upload your scorecards and lay day forms on line. Blue marlin verification and weigh in will nee some social distancing and our passed appetizers will be served on the docks daily, at arm’s length. Which leads me to the 80 dozen softshells Chad O’Neal put up for you on the May moon and the plan to serve our wonderful Lone Cedar dinners “Family Style” to go, which means you can order dinner for your team on line, we will cook it up hot and you can pick it up at the Pavilion or we will deliver to your boat.

Our bar will not be open, nor will the Pavilion. A starter bar will be reserved for your team if you wish and our wonderful sponsors will be on site (outside) with gadgets galore for you to play with. We will even have a few bands all week playing unplugged on million dollar row although there will be no loitering or crowd surfing!

It is not often that I have a great plan that doesn’t work but apparently being bull headed is no match for Executive Orders; I have gotten past heartbroken and it is time to get on with the show! Our volunteers, Board of Directors and staff will do everything possible to make this a wonderful, exciting and safe Tournament Week for you, your crew and family.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, I am always at your service. And please remember to preregister at I will be in touch with more details on procedure changes.

All my best in good health and thank you for sticking with us this year. Looks like we may have one of our largest events in some time!



Heather Maxwell
Tournament Director


July 9, 2020

Dear Alice Kelly Participants and Guests,

On behalf of our Board of Directors, it is with heavy heart that I must share with you some changes to the format of the 31st Annual Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Billfish Tournament.

I hope that you will bear with me through this explanation, keep an open mind and remember that this event was created to fund Alice’s support group – the Interfaith Community Organization needs our support more than ever this year.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I am always available to you!

Due to the restrictions placed on gatherings because of the pandemic, the following changes will be in place this year:

The Saturday night and Sunday night on site parties have been cancelled. Weigh in will take place with restrictions and our Awards Presentation will also take place, once again with restrictions. These will be simulcast on line and available on social media for later viewing. The Captains Meeting will also be live on Facebook and copies of the rules will be presented at Registration. Boat Decorating and Team Theme contests will still take place (more on that later) but our Bra Decorating will have to wait until 2021.

Angler bags will be distributed at registration as in the past. Each bag will include a cool custom buff that will need to be worn at weigh in or in close quarters. Depending on the announcement from Governor Cooper next week regarding any sizable gatherings, buffs (face coverings) must be worn if you visit the Pavilion and Tournament Tent.

There will be no Pre Registration on Friday night. We will take all precautions necessary for Registration on Saturday. This will include: extended registration times, a limit of two team members per boat at registration and social distancing. Each Team will need to provide the shirt sizes of all team members at registration and will be asked to pick up angler t shirts and bags at that time. Teams will also pick up hors d’ouvres for the boat.

Over the winter, at your request, we created a better plan for coming by car for weigh in. We will put that plan into place this year and we are also working on a weigh station at the Fishing Center. More on that to come.

Score cards will be sent via text and/or uploaded this year. Your after fishing snack will be delivered to your boat upon your return to the dock. We will get our scoring completed quickly and notify the teams so that we can present awards and take pictures most likely under our tent.

We encourage all teams to preregister on line at Preregistering your team will make the process on site go much quicker and reduce everyone’s exposure. It is very important to include a working cell phone number for the Team Contact. We will be updating via text message. You may pay your entry online but keep in mind that credit card fees do apply and we understand if you prefer to pay by check. Remember 2 team members only at on site Registration.

Keep in mind that in a normal year we have sponsors who cover the costs of the bar and dinners. There will be no reduction in the entry fee for the tournament as the proceeds go to the Interfaith Community Organization Cancer fund. Now more than ever our Dare County residents battling this disease need our help. Unfortunately the AKL will be the only fund raiser in 2020 for the ICO, so it’s up to us to make a difference for them.

I know we are all tired of these restrictions and especially of not knowing what the guidelines will be. I am too! But this year we all do the best we can. I sincerely hope that you will keep in mind the spirit of this event and come for the fishing…blue marlin have been biting and the whites and sails will never miss the AKL!

With blessings for your good health and an abundance of patience, I remain at your service.



Heather Maxwell
Tournament Director

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