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The Pirate’s Cove Billfish Tournaments are loved by just about everyone in the industry. Participants, sponsors, volunteers; there are plenty of anglers out there today who really did grow up on the Pirate’s Cove docks. We are all in this together – we always have been.

That is the reason why a small group of “local” boys – led by Richmond’s own Chip Lacy – got together and got this idea – take the tournaments, make them non-profit, give as much back to the participants as possible and make this whole thing as fun as we all remember.

Board of Directors:

Curtis Colgatecurtiscolgate@hotmail.com or call (804) 586-8424
Jamie Danielsdaniels@townofmanteo.com or call (252) 216-5518
Stacey Whiteswhite@spenceryachtsinc.com or call (252) 423-0810
Charlie Duerrctuna@hatteras.us or call (732) 496-1683
Fin Gaddyqualifier@aol.com or call (252) 475-0856
Andy Gayandy_gay@bellsouth.net or call (919) 614-2954
Linwood “Chip” Lacychip@annwarrick.com or call (804) 839-9219
Drew McDowelldmcdowell@pbtowers.com or call (561) 722-1989
John Baylissjohn@baylissboatworks.com or call (252) 202-3700
RV Owens – call (252) 216-8079
Sam Petersspeters@releasemarine.com or call (912) 507-8889

Advisory Committee:

The Board of Directors wishes to express their special thanks to the Advisory Committee. This group has been instrumental in making changes to the rules and format and assisting them to quickly and effectively field the sentiments and desires of past, present and future participants.

Marty Brill
Brad Diaz
Ryan Higgins

Pete Manuel
Jeff Ross
Randy Ramsey

Tournament Director:

Welcome back to Heather Maxwell whose eight year hiatus has thankfully come to a close. She has never lost the energy and passion that helped make the Pirate’s Cove events so special and is enjoying the challenge of reorganizing and implementing new technologies to make it all more enjoyable for the participants and the arm chair anglers at home.

Heather Maxwell fishpiratescove@gmail.com or call (252) 305-3610



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Heather Maxwell
Pirates Cove Billfish Tournaments Tournament Director