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29th Annual Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Billfish Tournament, August 11 and 12, 2018

Alice Kelly 2018 Team Ranking

1stOff Duty, Viking 80Everly, Mike G4 fish / 450 pointstrophy
2ndSensation, Jarrett Bay 52Britt, R Dale (Dale)4 fish / 400 pointstrophy
3rdGeneral, Buddy Cannady 55Fickling, Wade4 fish / 400 pointstrophy
4thLo Que Sea, Paul Mann 58Paul, Keven4 fish / 400 pointstrophy
5thBuilder's Choice, Jarrett Bay 64Gaskill, Brent3 fish / 350 pointstrophy
6thHorse Play, Caison 55Myers, Elson2 fish / 300 points
7thBi-Op-Sea, Paul Spencer 59Granitzki, Jesse3 fish / 300 points
8thJob Site, Viking 55Farrior, William (Bill)2 fish / 300 points
9thDeep Blue, Buddy Davis 52Reason, Josh3 fish / 300 points
10thHooker, Billy Holton 50Krauss, Tom2 fish / 250 points
11thDesperado (NC), Taylor Made 56Barker, Rob2 fish / 200 points
12thChasin Tail, Paul Spencer 62Davis, Butch2 fish / 200 points
13thPelican, Paul Mann 56Bracher, Arch2 fish / 200 points
14thWall Hanger, Paul Spencer 59Blount, Gray2 fish / 200 points
15thAnticipation, Paul Spencer 61Shiflet, Harvey H IV2 fish / 200 points
16thSmoker, Irvin Forbes 58Parks, Brynner1 fish / 150 points
17thSniper, Paul Mann 58Bayne, Jimmy1 fish / 150 points
18thSea Note, Stansky 55Stansky, Benjie1 fish / 150 points
19thTag-N-Stick, Blackwell 54Cabell, Charles1 fish / 100 points
20thTail Gunner, Paul Mann 52Ross, Will1 fish / 100 points
21stUno Mas, Mark Willis 77Smith, Brooks1 fish / 100 points
22ndTrophy Hunter, Buddy Cannady 55Brown, Kenneth (Ken)1 fish / 100 points
23rdAnnie O, Guthrie 60Sutton, Brad1 fish / 100 points
24thMister Pete, C&L 58Neiford, Alan1 fish / 100 points
25thSea Breeze, Bobby Sullivan 58Ashby, Ned1 fish / 100 points
26thSeain Triple, Fountain 38Parnell, Joe1 fish / 100 points

Top Dolphin

Fishin' Frenzy, Billy Holton 53Capt. Greg MayerCherie Lane39.30 lbs.trophy

Top Tuna

Fender Bender, Jarrett Bay 55Capt. Bobby WhelanEmily Perrot51.40 lbs.trophy

Top Wahoo

Haulin Gas, Blackwell 57Capt. Bo DobsonMary-Joe Harrell52.90 lbs.trophy

Dolphin Jackpot

Haulin Gas, Blackwell 57Capt. Bo DobsonClaire Abshire9.60 lbs.$29,325.00

Paula Stanski Award For Angling Excellence

Tag-N-Stick, Blackwell 54Capt. Charles CabellNatalia Frost1 fish / 100 pointsTrophy



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